Unattractive hairs on your body make
you unhappy? Thinking about laser hair
removal? Read on!

Hair removal with laser treatments is implemented with a laser ray that emits light energy to decrease
excessive hair growth and with the objective of ultimately eradicating it totally. The laser’s single-
spectrum light creates heat in the melanin pigment in the hair shaft. Melanin is the constituent that
gives your hair and skin their color. The heat travels through the melanin to the hair follicle, a miniscule
sac inside the skin that breeds hair. As the follicle inflames from the laser, it goes inactive and stops hair
growth. Laser hair removal at Arcane Skin & Hair clinic in Noida can last months or it can last years, as
long as a series of treatments are executed.

Lasers are considered medical devices and should only be handles by a doctor with special training.
Lasers create a single-color ray of focused light energy that can be directed on a fixed target, such as a
single hair. The lasers used for hair removal are hand-held devices. There are also laser-like devices used
for hair removal, such as intense pulsed light (IPL) systems. These instruments use light from more than
one color along the color spectrum and aim it at their target in transitory spurts. The choice of whether
to use laser or IPL therapy for hair removal is best made by a cosmetologist in Noida. Laser hair removal
is a medical process as extensive training and experience is necessary to operate the laser device
appropriately without impairing the patient. The laser ray needs to be accurately controlled and aimed
at the target for just the right expanse of time to keep from causing skin mutilation. Several laser hair
removal instruments have in-built cooling devices to ensure all the light energy goes straight to the hair
shaft and without impairing the skin. Selecting a good skin specialist is a must if you are having this
process. Laser hair removal is alleged to be painful. The actuality is that, while the process isn’t painless,
the discomposure depends on countless factors. These might embrace:
 The region of the body targeted for laser treatment. The more sensitive the skin, the higher the
possibility of some pain.
 The hair’s color and texture. Thicker, darker hair can transfer heat to the nearby skin area.
 Whether the treatment is the patient’s first or a later treatment in the procedure, the first
treatment is nearly always the most challenging.
 Whether the patient is sensitive to pain. Maximum patients decide to continue treatment
notwithstanding any discomposure they experience.

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