Acne Scar Removal & Pigmentation Treatment Clinic in Noida

Acne Scar Removal Treatment in Noida


Best Acne Scars Treatment Clinic in Noida Sector 18 Nearby Ghaziabad, Greater Noida & Delhi

Troubled by acne? Wondering whether that pigment on your face can go away? Or, is it those acne scars giving you nightmares? Don’t let these minor irritants sap you of your confidence. You know the things that make you beautiful is deep inside you. But then you wonder what if there was a solution that would take away your acne, acne scars and pigmentations? Well, you have reached the right place.


Acne is an intrinsic part of growing up, especially during the teenage. In some cases it continues even as one grows older. However, the reasons could vary. Generally speaking, acne can be treated easily. What makes it unwanted is the manner it appears on your face along with the possibility of it leaving undesirable marks and scars. Besides, there are often psychological outcomes associated with acne, such as poor self-image, depression and anxiety. However, the good news is that most acne and acne scars can be easily managed. We provide effective and result oriented acne treatment in noida sector 18 near setor 15 and sector 26 at Arcane Clinic. Our treatment looks at a complete solution by removing the root cause of the acne and treating the acne scars.

Acne Scars Removal Treatment in Noida

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    What Causes Acne

    It all begins in the skin’s oil glands. The oils travel up a canal called a follicle (which also contains a hair) and empty onto the skin surface through the follicle’s opening, or pore.

    The hair, oil and cells that line the narrow follicle can form a plug that blocks the pore, preventing oil from reaching the skin’s surface.

    This mix of oil and cells allows bacteria that normally live on the skin to grow in plugged follicles.

    The body’s defense system then moves to attack the bacteria and the area gets inflamed.

    A key factor in acne is an increase in certain hormones during puberty.

    These hormones cause the oil glands to enlarge and produce more oil.

    Hormone changes related to pregnancy, the premenstrual phase, or stress – especially when internalised – can also cause acne.

    Pigmentation Treatment in Noida
    Acne Scars Removal Treatment in Noida

    Acne Scars Removal Treatment in Noida

    Usually acne turns into a scar when we try to take matters in our own hands and pinch the pimples to remove them. In such a situation when the final healing takes place it often leaves behind its imprint on the skin, which depending on the nature of skin can result in mild as well as severe scars.



    In depth consultation to understand and analyse the individual skin needs.


    Based on the above analysis doctors come up with a holistic plan based on twin foundation of in-clinic services and home care to prevent worsening and spread of pigmentation.


    Treatment begins with the understanding of the cause and nature of the skin. After due deliberation with the client the doctors commence the treatment with the most relevant protocol to target the concerns and mitigate it.


    Follow up the treatment with in-clinic services along with care and precautions at home for a long-lasting effect.

    Acne Scars Removal Treatment in Noida
    Pigmentation Treatment in Noida

    Arcane Microneedling Radiofrequency

    MNRF technology involved penetration of microneedle deep into your skin, stimulating cells below the surface and re-modelling collagen to get rid of acne scars, surgical marks and other blemishes with MNRF. The treatment makes use of a safe and highly effective Dermaroller that penetrates the upper layers of the skin upto a depth of 1.5 mm. The process is highly effective and extremely comfortable. It removes the blemishes from within to reveal your smoother complexion.

    Effectiveness for Indian skin

    Since it is not a laser, the treatment is effective and safe for all Indian skin types.

    Acne Scar Removal in Noida

    Complete Skin Rejuvenation with Secret MNRF

    Secret MNRF can target various indications like scars, pores, wrinkles, stretch marks and skin laxity. It is a complete skin rejuvenation system.

    Sessions Required

    3-4 sessions at the maximum. To Enhancement the results in Acne Scar all treatments can be combined with PRP, MESOTHERAPY & Dermal Fillers.


    Subcision is used to loosen the fibrous scar tissue that pulls down the skin to induce new collagen formation. This new collagen fills the scar with new tissues, making it less visible and gives smoother skin.

    Pigmentation Treatment in Noida

    Pigmentation is a condition that darkens patches of your skin. It can occur anywhere and in any shape and cause skin to look uneven and unhealthy. Even though not harmful but skin pigmentation can have deep psychological impact and could affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence. However, it can be easily treated and help you face the world with a new confidence.

    Factors that can lead to Skin Pigmentation

    Prolonged exposure to sun, hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, etc. are the main factors that can lead to skin pigmentation. It often creates a dark patchy skin on the uncovered part of the body, especially the face. By and large pigmentation is purely cosmetic in concern. But in certain cases it can also be an indicator of a serious underlying condition.

    Forms of Hyperpigmentation


    Melasma is the occurrence of brown to grey-brown patches of pigmentation on the face. It usually shows up on cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, above upper lip, forearms and neck. Melasma is usually triggered by hormonal changes associated with pregnancy (it is also known as a pregnancy mask), use of birth control pills, hormone replacement or thyroid dysfunction.

    Pigmentation Treatment in Noida
    Sun Spots Removal in Noida

    Sun Spots Removal Clinic in Noida

    It is also known by various names such as age spots, solar lentigenes or liver- spots. The causes include skin ageing as well as exposure to excessive sunlight.

    Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

    It occurs at a specific spot following a minor injury or even a pimple.

    Pigmentation Treatment in Noida
    Acne Removal Treatment in Noida

    Treatment of Pigmentation

    Q-Switched ND YAG Laser Helios III

    Helios III is one of the most advanced USFDA approved laser that takes treatment of pigmentation to a new level. Helios III (also known as laser toning) uses 4 hand pieces to target pigment settled at different levels of the skin. It is highly effective for the treatment of Melasma, freckles, uneven skin tone, tanning, tattoo removal as well as in elimination of certain birth marks (Nevi).


    Treatment of Pigmentation, Patchy Skin and Tanning often involves the use of chemical peels. These are derived from naturally occurring substances like sugar cane and milk. They reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by removing the epidermis. Deeper versions may also penetrate the middle layer of your skin and produces more dramatic results. Amongst the various peels used at Arcane include glycolic, lactic, TCA, yellow peel, cosmelan peel, etc. in different combinations for a targeted treatment.


    The first of its kind offering twin benefits. While on the one hand Helios III evens out skin colour and gets rid of pigmentation it also stimulates collagen synthesis, which takes care of pore size and fine lines. The procedure takes only 15-20 min and has no downtime.