In the world of selfies your face is your fortune. Yes, we know that you take a good care of it – from rudimentary washing and make-up to regular facials – there is nothing that you leave uncared for. At Arcane we have pioneered holistic solution that not just goes skin deep but working in consonance with the dietary guidelines ensure, that the glow lasts long.


What makes our facials distinct is that it is designed around you. It takes into account your skin type and your lifestyle along with your specific expectations to give you a perfect facial.

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    What makes Arcane aesthetic facial enhancement therapy special

    The aesthetic facials of Arcane clinic is a scientifically proven treatment and globally practiced by leading dermatologists the world over. To leave a perfectly nourishing effect on your healthy skin the ingredients are dermatologically acclaimed blend of:

    • Versatile humectants
    • Essential natural oils
    • Proteins and vitamins¬†

    The blend works in totality depending upon your personal requirement and your skin type to give your face flawless look.

    If you have oily skin...

    Arcane Pore Purifying Enhancement Therapy

    Excess oil secretion within the skin often lead to skin imperfections, which becomes a cause of concern for individuals. We treat this by potent calming and purifying herbs balances the skin moisture imparting a glow to your face while getting rid of acne. This process also removes other skin impurities along with excess oil and blackheads..

    Arcane Clarify and Mattify Facial

    Using an active blend of AHA rich plant actives and keratolytic BHA, this treatment helps you in getting rid of oily and acne prone skin. The natural plant actives act as rich exfoliating gel mask possessing non-abrasive properties and detaches dead skin cells. While relieving it from congestion it helps skin to breathe naturally and provides a hydrating lustre.

    For those with normal to dry skin

    Arcane Refresh and Restore Facial

    Discover skin’s natural radiance. Help it breathe. Get back the glow. The process involves exfoliation, Serum and synergy. It uses algae extracts to revitalize stressed skin along with a blend of rich moisturisers to impart the face deep hydration. The end result is a velvety feel to the skin keeping it moisturized for long.

    Arcane Ultra-Revitalizing Enhancement Therapy

    The USP of this therapy is that it brings back the skin’s natural radiance. The process involves multistage exfoliation that lets skin breathe and restores the glow and brightness. It also revives the skin barrier to preserve hydration while boosting hydration and making your face moist, supple and glowing.

    Arcane Ultra-Mild Soothing Enhancement Therapy

    In case your skin is sensitive

    For sensitive skins the ultra gentle exfoliation therapy is practiced to remove dead skin and purify skin pores while thermo responsive cooling maintains the skin temperature in hot climate. This treatment comforts the irritated skin and provides refreshing hydration without any skin allergens.


    Arcane Sheen and Shine Enhancement Therapy

    Designed to undo the effects of intense sun exposure as well as to give instant brightening and lighten the colour. Starting with the exfoliating cream and followed by using a highly potent skin brightening cream along with Vitamin C brightening peel-off mask this therapy significantly reduces the tanning and pigmentation while giving you back your uniformly healthy skin tone.

    Arcane Luminance Radiance facial

    It provides anti-dark spots action, lightens complexion and imparts a flawless radiance. The action comes from the dual size natural scrubbing particles in the nourishing cream base, which removes dead and dark skin spots. It is followed by an indulging massage of fruit-extracts and multivitamin to lighten the skin tone. The treatment ends with a Vitamin C containing complexion mask. And the final result-a skin brightness that’s truly captivating.

    Arcane Youthification and Regeneration therapy

    An instant energy kick for your dull, stressed skin by nano-circulatory massage using mineral complex oil after deep exfoliation of skin to increase cell turnover and to give an antioxidant boost to the skin. This therapy also helps in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles along with boosting collagen level.

    Arcane Firming and Lifting Facial

    Activated minerals and skin warmer are primarily utilized to enhance blood circulation and give a tight looking skin. The indulgence continues with the scrubbing by a mix of walnut, cocoa powder and activating minerals. It enhances the skin's energy level and promotes a better facial health. This therapy covers the lines and gives tight looking skin immediately.

    Arcane Eye Rejuvenation Facial

    Relax your tired and puffy eyes and get rid of dark circles. The procedure uses radiofrequency, which also reduces fine lines while improving the lymphatic draining. The therapy ends with a relaxing mask application that gives you a rejuvenated feeling.