Are you suffering from pigmentation issues? Read on for a solution!

Suffering-with-pigmentation-issues? If yes, Then here we have some important information for you, first let’s get started with the issues that lead to the problem of pigmentation.

Our skin encompasses melanocyte cells that manufacture melanin. Melanin gives our skin its color.
Whenever melanin is manufactured in excessive amounts, it results in hyper-pigmented skin. This leads to freckles and dark spots on the skin.

Causes of pigmentation problem

This is usually triggered because of excessive exposure to the sun, trauma or could be a side-effect of certain medications. Well, this is not a very serious medical condition and many times there are home remedies obtainable to cure it.

However, there are more effective cosmetic solutions available for skin pigmentation treatments in Noida. Comprehend the diverse varieties of hyper pigmentation Once you comprehend the numerous varieties of pigmentation, you can decide the course of action and treatment you would like to embark on.

You can also determine the lifestyle alterations you would like to make to avert pigmentation instead of treating it later.

Here are the diverse kinds of pigmentation:

  • Hormonal oscillations cause pigmentation. This is a very common condition that is seen during pregnancy. It can also be instigated because of thyroid dysfunction or hormone therapy medicine.
  • Another kind of pigmentation is called as liver spots or age spots. They are seen on most of the individuals over 60 years of age. Typically, this pigmentation is triggered by exposure to UV rays.
  • Post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation is generally triggered because of skin injury, burns and acne. It could also be instigated by the side-effects of some other skin treatments.

How to treat pigmentation?

The very first step is to discuss your complaint with your dermatologist Dr. Radha Sharma Clinic is centrally located in Noida Sector 18. She will help you comprehend which kind of darkening your skin is

affected with. You will be asked queries regarding your lifestyle and medical history generally like:

  • What is the level of your exposure to sun? How frequently do you apply sunscreen?
  • Present and past medical conditions will be inspected.
  • Were you recently pregnant?
  • Did you recently take any birth control pills? Are you on any medicines at present?
  • Have you undergone any cosmetic surgery or skin therapies professionally?
  • Have you used sunscreen creams lately?
  • What about the treatment choices?

Your skin specialist might suggest some of the topical applications that encompass alpha hydroxy acids. Well, if these do not work, your skin specialist might recommend some cosmetic processes to be done, such as skin peels that embrace some acid peels, intense pulse light therapy or laser skin resurfacing. Other more cutting-edge options are available at a dermatologist clinic.

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